5 Things You Should Know Before You Get Your Customize Blank T-Shirts


Everyone loves high-quality blank t-shirts that they customize according to their liking that will reflect their personality.

One of the finest ways for both you and your team to stick out and make a statement is to wear custom-made attire. What could be more exciting than having your own, original, and creative design printed on your t-shirt? However, if you are unfamiliar with the process, getting personalized t-shirts for the first time might be difficult.

5 Things to Know Before Getting Personalized High-Quality Blank T-Shirts:

Following are the five main things that you should keep in mind before getting your high-quality blank t-shirts personalized:


Fabric And Fitting:

T-shirts are made from a variety of materials, and you must pay attention to the sort of material you purchase. Cotton is the most often used material, but make sure it is cotton or, better yet, Ringspun cotton. Ringspun cotton is a preferable alternative because of its softness, and printing on Ringspun cotton appears nicer.

There are more possibilities and combinations of two or three materials. Cotton and polyester mixes, for example, or cotton, polyester, and rayon triple blends are available. If you use triple mixes, make sure they are cotton, polyester, and rayon. The triple mixes are the greatest quality, but they are the costliest. Different people have different tastes in style some like baggy and some like fitted t-shirts. It is better to create designs that will look good both on baggy and fitted high-quality blank t-shirts.

Understand Your Printing Options:

There are several factors to consider when determining the ideal high-quality blank t-shirt printing procedure for you. Cost, aesthetics, production time, and materials are all critical considerations. The more you understand each strategy, the easier it will be to choose which is ideal for you.

Screen Printing:

It is the gold standard when it comes to t-shirt screen printing. The printer creates original screens based on your design for each desired color, making it ideal for printing in bulk. There are many ways to use custom T-shirt printing to give your blank t-shirt a new look. The benefit of screen printing is that it is a dependable printing standard. Affordably priced and of great quality. It is ideal for big orders of more than 20, so if you have many t-shirts and want to create your designs on them, it is the best option. The only con of this printing option is that each new color or design upgrade needs a new screen, which may be pricey.

Vinyl Graphics:

Vinyl printing is another form of hot transfer that employs more lasting vinyl rather than merely ink. The advantage of this type of printing is that it is extremely long-lasting and of good quality. Ideal for making your design stand out.


Print-on-demand or DTG printing, a newer technique, leverages the flexibility of inkjet printing but prints directly on fabric. Designs with a high level of detail and a wide range of color options. The downside of this printing method is that it is only suitable for small quantities or a single sample. The more you publish, the less profitable it becomes. Doesn't look well on dark-colored clothing.

Brainstorm Your Design:

best-T-shirt design

If you are aiming to sell t-shirts giving you a profit, then you should start working on the designs. A fantastic design is essential for creating a successful t-shirt that customers will desire to wear. Your design might take a million different turns. While you are brainstorming, it is better to stick with one plan that will work to your benefit.

Use your creative and artistic intuition to convey the messages you wish to convey with your t-shirt design. It is better to ask yourself questions like:

  • What is your brand about?
  • Who is your target market?
  • In the first place, why are you creating a shirt?

And then create the designs keeping the answers to the above questions in mind.


The typefaces you select convey a great deal about your company. T-shirts provide a greater possibility than some other areas of graphic design to experiment with unusual display typefaces but keep readability in mind. If the phrases on your shirt are vital to conveying the business message, make sure they aren't obscured by swirly, grungy, loopy typography.


Colour is the most effective design element for conveying personality in an instant. Each shade, color, and tint elicit an emotion, serving as a shortcut for you to convey something about your or your business at a look.

T-shirt designs must consider two sets of colors:

  • The color of the fabric
  • And the color you are going to print with.

Always utilize the fabric color as the background of any design ideas to ensure that these two match each other. Use custom t-shirt comfort colors that will gain the gaze of the customers.

Make Sure the Printing Positioning Is Correct:

Print placement and print location are not the same things. It is the precise measurement of where the design should be printed within the place. Make sure you have a compelling justification for picking a distinctive print positioning. Many individuals who are new to T-shirt design are unaware that a traditional full front placement is not midway between the top and bottom of the garment.

Take Special Attention to The Composition:

Every design contains elements that are organized about one another to form the overall composition. Composition is the key to good design. You may believe that creating an aesthetic composition is subjective yet following a few simple criteria will help you enhance your design. Learn the guidelines first, then violate them, as the saying goes. Typical errors include parts that are too close together or too far away. Sometimes when the entire design is off-kilter, leading the attention to the wrong spot. If you are reckless, the type will read in the wrong sequence, destroying the message.

How Do You Put a Design on A Shirt?

People custom print their t-shirts all the time. Whether it is for a big occasion like a bridal shower, bachelor party, or business event or it is just for them. The following process will guide you through how to print a custom design on your high-quality blank t-shirts.

t shirt-screen-printing

Select The Right Shirt:

Starting with the right shirt offers the greatest outcomes when it comes to custom clothes. While it is feasible to add a design to almost any type of fabric depending on the procedure, certain materials just provide good outcomes than others. Whenever it is necessary to ensure that the design pops and looks beautiful, pure cotton blank shirts are a solid option. However, if you want your shirts to be a little comfier and wrinkle-resistant, try buying a cotton-polyester blend. Cotton/poly mixes are lightweight, have good color retention, can endure high temperatures, and drain moisture away from the skin. Many people choose cotton/poly mix shirts since they prevent wrinkles and feel good on the skin.

Choose Your Desire Printing Method:

As we have discussed above, choosing the correct printing method is very important. There are several methods for custom t-shirt printing adding a design to a shirt. Inkjet iron-on transfers, direct-to-garment printing, and vinyl graphics are all viable possibilities.

All methods work quite well if you follow the directions given with the product, and the completed result is sturdy and machine washable.

Get Started:

It's time to get started once you have decided on a printing method. You may need to purchase resources at this stage, or you may be able to utilize items you already own at home or have access to you. Quality is important while selecting or making your design. Make the design the perfect size for the t-shirt you are designing and be mindful of placing it to ensure the completed result appears right. To ensure that you get the task done correctly, always read the directions on any equipment or materials you purchase.

custom-t shirt-comfort-colors

How Much Does T-Shirt Custom Printing Cost?

A personalized T-Shirt is an excellent way to promote your company or group, or you can sell them to earn some additional money. When determining your high-quality blank T-shirt printing cost, consider the quantity. If you buy a little quantity, you should expect to pay retail pricing - around $20-$30 for each shirt. This pricing range may be sufficient if you're seeking to manufacture a T-shirt for yourself. However, if you want to distribute or sell them, it is extremely inefficient. If you buy 50 or more shirts, you'll spend between $5 and $10 for each shirt - and if you shop in quantity, you'll pay closer to $5 per shirt. So, it's great to optimize your buy, but you must also exercise caution. If you buy far too many, you may end up losing money. This is especially critical if you intend to sell them or have your group members pay for their tees.


In conclusion, getting personalized high-quality best t-shirts in 2023 can be a great way to make a statement and showcase your creativity. When it comes to actually printing the design on a shirt, choose the right shirt material and select the appropriate printing method. Finally, consider the cost of custom printing, balancing quantity and pricing to ensure a cost-effective outcome. By following these guidelines, you can successfully create personalized blank t-shirts that reflect your unique style and leave a lasting impression.

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