Why Your Socks May Be the Most Important Thing You Pack

Romans were the first who invented socks back in the 8th century. They sew socks from animal leather that would help them save their feet from painful blisters while traveling.

Socks not only protect feet from blisters but also keep feet’s dry and prevent conditions such as athlete's foot. Thus, travelers should always pack a pair or two of socks with them. Since the world is evolving rapidly, customers' wants are also changing, now they want colorful socks with different patterns and designs.

Cool and nice patterned socks are not only famous among children but also in all age groups. A stereotype about children that they only choose cartoon socks is now broken when adults are also choosing them. Collecting socks has now become a hobby among adults where they collect them and show off in front of their friends or auction them at higher rates and surprisingly it has now become a great business. 

The socks for women are a little different than others as they are a bit shorter and are a bit smaller than others. To keep up with fashion the most in-demand color for the socks for women is beige, light pink, and neutral colors that would complement their skin tone. While on the other hand socks for men are longer and thicker than would go very well with their formal attire.

Many travelers fail to know the importance of packing socks while traveling. They keep feet dry and prevent toe rashes. The selection of the wrong pair of socks can lead to blisters, sweaty feet, and even more serious problems like blood clots that can leave permanent damage. While traveling to an unknown place where there is a language barrier, travelers may find themself walking and wandering around on foot and while being on foot the whole day, there is a very good chance of getting blisters and cuts.

For travelers, there are many kinds of socks worth taking into consideration. Socks like compression socks or compression stockings, which are designed to help prevent blood clots; hiking socks, which are designed to keep your feet warm during the winter and prevent blisters; and everyday socks, usually made of cotton or a synthetic blend, for hanging out.

Speaking of compression socks, they are very much comfortable in wearing and helps in improving blood circulation by squeezing their legs gently. This might sound not so fashionable and uncomfortable but new compression socks are none of these.

Hiking socks are also in demand these days as they are essential for hiking enthusiasts who want to explore new mountains and go beyond boundaries. These are usually made up of wool and synthetic materials because it does not let moisture seep in and help them with better grip and warmth. 

Socks are maybe an underrated garment but keeping them is very important. They not only look cute or fashionable but also serve the huge purpose of keeping your feet safe from cold, blisters, and rashes. So, it is very important to invest in good quality socks.

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